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About us

We are a German company based in 55268 Nieder-Olm (Rheinhessen) and already developed the multi-function-garage in 2012. We sell the garages, which is also available as a mobile trailer version, worldwide. Our company is registered at the  Commercial Register in Mainz, register no. HRB 43871

Simply send us a mesaage indicating your location (zip-code/country) as well as your vehicle/utility data (brand and type or dimensions (l*w*h)) via email or use our contact form. If you don’t wish, simply compare your vehicle/utility data with our given “inner dimensions” of the corresponding garages.

You are always welcome to visit us in Nieder-Olm (contact us for an agreed meeting) and inspect a garage physically by yourself. Or visit us at a fair or event close to your area.

Unfortunately our products were scammed regularly and used in fake-shops. They use our original pictures and description to generate money without any delivery. Please don’t use it !!! Our garages won’t be sold through traditional online-shops, because they are too heavy and too  big. Our offered “online-shop-function” is for information and for the products in the accessories-area only.


The type of delivery is determined in the offer phase. Deliveries within a radius of approx.1,500 km from Nieder-Olm are usually carried out by us with our own vehicles. Upon customer request or for deliveries over 1,500 km, deliveries with freight forwarders are also possible. Parcel goods are generally sent via parcel service providers.

If you have placed your order to us, you will receive official commercial documents such as order confirmation (OC), down payment invoice (DP-IV) and/or final invoice (IV). The basis of this is always an quotation (QO), which we prepare in advance and where the way of delivery (by truck or by sea) and cost is already confirmed. Also a delivery date is specified. In consultation with the buyer, this will be fine-tuned and determined shortly before the planned delivery will happen! Once you have received and paid an DP-IV/final invoice(IV), we start the manufacturing/assembling process. During this time you can reach us by phone or via email and ask whether the confirmed delivery date will be kept or (at the customer’s request) postponed. Cancellations are no longer possible at this time! If you bought an accessory product from our shop, you will receive a tracking number from the parcel service provider where you can track your goods.

Of course, you can take the garage with you when you move. Contact us in time, we will support you with information, on how to move / transport the garage safely or do this on your behalf.

Your Account and your orders

If you have placed an order to us, you will receive a proper order confirmation from us. The product quantity, options / additional requests, delivery date, purchase price and payment agreements are confirmed there. We try to implement change requests if the garage has not yet been dispatched. Therefore, inform us immediately about your change requests.

Products, who was purchased through our online shop and already dispatched after the money transfer, can’t be changed any longer.

As soon as all questions have been clarified about your order, you will receive a proper order confirmation (OC) showing the (agreed) delivery time and usually a down payment invoice (DP-IV) or final invoice (IV). Once you have made the down payment, the delivery time, specified in the OC, starts. Depending on other orders or availability of products, this time can vary.

Payment Condition

Orders, based on an offer from us and placed to us, includes the payment condition. Orders, automatically managed throughout our online-shop, offer various online-payment-options.

Of course we deliver worldwide. This is already taken into account when the offer is created. If you have placed your order to us, the offered payment method is agreed in accordance with the offer (OC= Order confirmation). If you have purchased an accessory item from our product shop, you can select various payment options.

Here we must separate the two methods of the purchase! The purchase of a garage is always preceded by an offer. Once the production process has started, only those change requests are possible that can still be realized. Especially for deliveries abroad, costs may already have been incurred (export packaging, reservation fees for freight spaces such as forwarding agents, ferry etc), which must still be paid by the customer in the event of withdrawal from the purchase contract. If you have bought and paid for a product from our online shop, a cancellation is only possible if the product has not yet been shipped. If the product has already been shipped, the customer must return the article to us unused and undamaged at his own expense. All costs incurred by the customer (refusal of acceptance, un-free return shipment, etc.) will be charged upon receipt of the goods when the credit is issued. Shipping costs are always paid by the buyer.

Receive an individual offer for your vehicle