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bikeBOX24 Standard


comfortable Standard-Garage hot and wet vehicles can be stored in (constant airflow ensured) max. inner width approx. 86 cm no permission required (to be checked with corresponding Authorities) accepted from Insurance-Companies as lockable and protected garage galvanized Steel-Frame, impact-resistant and UV-resistant multi-layer plastic (well-known in the automotive industry bus / caravan) suitable for all kind of vehicles, utilities and tools LIMITED QUANTITIES – ONLY TEMPORARELY AVAILABLE – DELIVERY TIME TO BE INQUIRED

Out of stock

The standard version is suitable for all sports motorbikes, scooters, small- and medium-sized tourers, choppers, bicycles as well as Mobility-Scooters Bycycles / E-Bikes  Up to 2x bicycles or E-Bikes can be stored in comfortably. Incl. an installation of a power-outlet inside the garage the charging process can be realized Mobility-Scooters  Almost all types of vehicles (2, 3 or 4-wheel drives) fit’s in into the garage and offer the owner protection and comfort in the close environment. There is also enough space for chargers and other necessary accessories. Utilities/Tools Of course, the bikeBOX24 can also be used for other vehicles / machines / tools (utilities) such as B. lawn mowers, snow blowers, sweepers, etc. Outer dimensions approx. Length: 2,70 m  / 106 ” Width:  1,15 m  / 45 ” Height: 1,70 m  / 66 ” (open 2,95 m / 116 “) Base plate: 2.35 x 0.92 m / 92,5 ” x 36,2 ” Internal dimensions approx. Length: 2,50 m  / 98 ” Width:  0,92 m  / 36,2 ” Height: 1,47 m  / 57,8 ” Weight approx. 150 kg / 330 lb Colour Silver metallic / rear in anthracite Availability: due to small demand the Standard-garage is only temporarely available – please inquirer delivery-time Technical Alterations reserved. Abmaße Standard Geöffnet Abmaße Standard Geschlossen

Weight150 kg
Dimensions295 × 130 × 160 cm

The bikeBOX24 must be installed on a straight and level fixed surface e.g. concrete, paving stones, walkway plates, tarmac etc.

NOT possible: sand, gravel, split, natural ground etc.

Make sure that you have enough space of at least 3m (10ft). The lid will open up to 3 m/10ft!


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