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Customized bikeBOX24 XL Trailer


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The mobile garage for at home and on the road
lowerable to ground level large and comfortable XL garage
suitable for hot and wet vehicles (permanently ventilated)
max. useful width inside approx. 125 cm
recognised by insurance companies as a safe and lockable garage
galvanized steel frame, impact and UV-resistant multi-layer plastic (proven in the bus/caravan vehicle industry),
different parts metal supported incl. trailer-frame connection
incl. lashing rails for a secured and safety trip
suitable for vehicles/machines/all kinds of tools


Out of stock

The mobile garage for at home and on the road

Individual customized according to customer requirement

We realize also individual customized trailers. Tell us your needs/requirements and we will do it. For every suitable vehicles.

The Customized bikeBOX24 XL Trailer
Depending on the requirements, the trailer can be equipped with various options. E.g. the use of electric cable winches can make it easier to park and unpark the vehicle/s.
We use the trailer with a total weight of 1300 kg as standard (higher payloads are optional) and electric hydraulic lowering system. A separate battery serves as an energy source here, a use without a towing vehicle is possible at any time. This is charged while driving or can also be operated on a external power supply using the adapter and corresponding charger supplied. This ensures that the trailer is always ready for a spontaneous trip.
All requirements / wishes are taken into account by the customer. In addition, the trailer comes with trailer kit (struts and lashing rails), European approval and 100 km / h max. speed. The entire platform is lowered via an axis of rotation in order to make moving in and out as easy as possible.

Technical specifications:

bikeBOX24 XL (garage)

Inside dimensions approx.
Length:   2.65 m  /  104 ”
Width:     1.25 m  /  49 ”
Height:    1.55 m   / 61 ” (open 3.00 m / 118 “)

Trailer W1300-STS-O2-25-15-OM-E1

Outside dimensions approx.
Length:     4.35 m  / 171 ”
Width:       2.25 m  / 88,5 ”
Height:      2.20 m  / 87 ” incl. Box (ready to drive)
3.30 m   / 130 ” lowered open

Total weight             1300 kg / 2866 lb
Payload about           650 kg / 1433 lb
Tires (inches)            13 Brake                          yes
Suspension                yes Top speed                  100 km / h

Raise / Lower – process:
Electrically hydraulic, wired remote control (* .. E1)

In conjunction with the electrical hydraulic lowering system a metal box is placed at the front of the fork, in which the battery and a controller is installed. The battery will be charged via the vehicle electrical system (13pin). If the battery fails, it is also possible to manually raise and lower the trailer.

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Part 1

Errors and technical changes reserved

Weight1300 kg
Dimensions435 × 225 × 260 cm


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