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bikeBOX24 Standard


Price purely informative, without further options (e.g. Steady Stand xx, anti-condensation fleece, power connection, floor anchoring, etc.)

comfortable standard garage
hot and wet vehicles adjustable (permanently ventilated)
max.usable width inside approx. 86 cm
normally no building permit required
Recognized by insurance companies as a fully fledged garage
Galvanized steel frame, impact-resistant and UV-resistant multilayer plastic (proven in the bus / caravan vehicle industry)
suitable for all kinds of vehicles / machines / tools


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The standard version is suitable for all sports motorbikes, scooters, small- and medium-sized tourers, choppers, bicycles as well as Mobility-Scooters

Bycycles / E-Bikes 
Up to 2x bicycles or E-Bikes can be stored in comfortably. Incl. an installation of a power-outlet inside the garage the charging process can be realized

Almost all types of vehicles (2, 3 or 4-wheel drives) fit’s in into the garage and offer the owner protection and comfort in the close environment. There is also enough space for chargers and other necessary accessories.

Of course, the bikeBOX24 can also be used for other vehicles / machines / tools (utilities) such as B. lawn mowers, snow blowers, sweepers, etc.

Outer dimensions approx.
Length: 2,85 m  / 113 ”
Width:  1,25 m  / 50 ”
Height: 1,75 m  / 69 ” (open 2,95 m / 116 “)
Base plate: 2.35 x 0.92 m / 92,5 ” x 36,2 ”

Internal dimensions approx.
Length: 2,50 m  / 98 ”
Width:  0,92 m  / 36,2 ”
Height: 1,47 m  / 57,8 ”

Weight approx.
150 kg / 330 lb

Silver metallic / rear in anthracite

due to small demand the Standard-garage is only temporarely available – please inquirer delivery-time

Technical Alterations reserved.

Dimensions Standard Opened

Dimensions Standard Closed

Weight150 kg
Dimensions295 × 130 × 160 cm
Requirements for the garage place

The bikeBOX24 must be installed on a straight and level fixed surface e.g. concrete, paving stones, walkway plates, tarmac etc.

NOT possible: sand, gravel, split, natural ground etc.

Make sure that you have enough space of at least 3m (10ft). The lid will open up to 3 m/10ft!


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